hang your heart in lights above me.
Charlotte. Nineteen years into life with my head screwed on backwards and all my clothes on inside out. A collection of things, including but not limited to: a film major, a Canadian, a feminist, a self-effacing hipster, a sometimes writer, a film junkie, and a television enthusiast. Feels too many feelings too much of the time.
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side a - intrawar - the history books forgot about us

for fighting the war that was left to you and finding comfort behind the battlements; for winning the battle and choosing to forget, even if you can’t

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side b - postwar - the bible didn’t mention us

for the missing half your wartorn heart; for affairs at weddings and funerals and children’s birthday parties; for finally choosing the person who knows how to read your scars

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Hey so I’m really bad at leaving blogs for new ones without…telling anyone? This is me now. Sorry guys.

I am going to do exactly what I like and to hell with the rest of them. 

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❝ A lot of church people don’t know the relationship between the gospel of Jesus and how we are to live. They are threatened by reevaluating that. Their belief is that they try to believe in Jesus so that when they die they get to go to heaven. Populating heaven is the main part of the gospel. Instead, the gospel is about being increasingly alive to God in the world. It is concerned with bringing heaven to earth. This really throws people off.

— Dieter Zander, interviewed in Emerging Churches by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan K. Bolger (via plenilune)


should i attend college or take the black

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(i carry it in my heart)

Anything else is unthinkable.

The First Days of Spring | Noah & The Whale

Like a cut down tree, I will rise again
I’ll be bigger, and stronger than ever before

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Friends, as long as we hide our love away,
In the good they’ll never know.

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